Bulletin Notes

Laura Zurn creates our weekly church bulletin and we are blessed to have her serve our church in so many ways. As you can see from her painting at Camp Wightman, she is also talented with the paint brush!


It’s a Wonderful World


In spite of the fact we complain and lament

And view this old world with much discontent,

Deploring conditions and grumbling because

There’s so much injustice and so many flaws.

It’s a wonderful world, and it’s people like you

Who make it that way by the things that they do.

For a warm, ready smile or a kind, thoughtful deed

Or a hand outstretched in an hour of need

Can change your whole outlook

and make the world bright

Where a minute before just nothing seemed right.

It’s a wonderful world and it always will be

If we keep our eyes open and focused to see

The wonderful things we are capable of 

When we open our hearts to God and His Love.