Bulletin Notes

Laura Zurn has taken on the weekly task of creating our church bulletin, and over the next weeks and months please look to this page for information gathered from those bulletins. We can’t thank Laura enough for all she does! We hope you will join us for worship and to meet Laura, and all of us at Jewett City Baptist Church.


Always an Answer

The sky, though we wish it,

Can’t always be blue;

But after each storm, God

Sent the sun through.


No path is snagless;

But when we do stray

God send us his light

To show us the way.


Happiness isn’t timeless;

We often feel unblessed.

But it is when we are weariest.

God gives us rest.


In our discouragement

suffering and pain,

God gives us strength

To start over again.


Whatever our needs are,

He does understand;

And with love undying,

He holds out his hand.

By Ruth Searbrough