Over the Summer months we meet in the downstairs area of our building in the Vestry. (Park behind the building and enter through the back door into our kitchen area.) It is simply too warm in the sanctuary, and without air conditioning we try and keep everyone cool. Please use common sense when deciding whether or not to attend worship. Yes we want to see you and hope you join us…but keep the temperature in mind and if you feel it may be too uncomfortable to come to worship, please remain home and be safe!

Worship Services Each Sunday 10:00 a.m. come early!

Coffee and Fellowship prior to worship located in lower level, accessed from the back door accessing the parking lot.


Does anyone know of an organist who might enjoy playing our wonderful pipe organ? We have the most beautiful instrument waiting for just the right person who may be looking for a place to worship where they can play the organ!  Or maybe you know of someone who may enjoy playing on special occasions or for a concert now and again. Anyway if you do…please have them reach out to us to discuss this as we would be happy to discuss ways we can utilize the organ that sits majestically in our sanctuary…yet for the most part remains silent.

Spring is here…and we are excited about what lies ahead for Jewett City Baptist Church. Please join us in worship and continuing the work of bringing our church back to a thriving energetic part of the community.


 Always welcoming guests and potential new members. 

Thank you for visiting the website of our worship community. We offer our friendship and we are here to help one another in growing through the Holy Spirit. We ask God to give you blessing and strength for the week to come.

Praises include the kindnesses of God which have allowed our Church to be a continued blessing to other people and to many different ministries. Pray for new projects that we may undertake to unify and strengthen our work in the community.

Please stop in and see us, we’d love to meet you.

As a courtesy please silence all electronic equipment prior to the worship service. Thank you…

Judge not, that ye be not judged  Matthew 7-1